DENKMAL EUROPA and Sharing Heritage: Projects of the Association of State Monument Preservers

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In the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, the Association of State Monument Conservators (VDL) has created the website DENKMAL EUROPA as a platform to encourage young people to explore monuments “on their doorstep”. The Natzweiler concentration camp and its satellite camps were chosen as the theme for Baden-Württemberg.

The textual, visual and acoustic presentation of the difficult topic is appealing. Within the thirteen sections, young people can click their way through pictures and short texts and always come across something new. Necessary background knowledge is provided by the timeline „Wie brachten Not und Wut der Bevölkerung die NSDAP an die Macht?“ /”How did the misery and anger of the population bring the NSDAP to power? The graphic novel „Wie funktionierte der nationalsozialistische Terror?“ / “How did the National Socialist terror work?”, composed around Hitler’s architects and armaments minister, condenses the story. A “research project” shows how memory can be brought to life through projects and actions.

“With our project we would like to illustrate the relevance of monuments for a common coexistence in Europe. In order to protect monuments in the long term, it is particularly important that young people connect emotionally with them today, as this is the only way they can deal responsibly with their heritage later on,” commented Harzenetter. “With this nationwide unique mediation project we want to make an important contribution to building culture and thus to political, aesthetic and sustainable education. The preservation of historical monuments would like to share and pass on the experience they have gathered over the years in the research, care and preservation of historical sites, in keeping with the spirit of SHARING HERITAGE”.

The VGKN participated in this project in the form of close cooperation with the State Office for Monument Preservation of Baden-Württemberg on a textual basis.

The project was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) as part of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018


Visit the webistes and

Go to Graphik Novel „Wie funktionierte der nationalsozialistische Terror? [Graphic Novel “How did the National Socialist terror work?” – German]

Go to Zeitstrahl „Wie brachten Not und Wut der Bevölkerung die NSDAP an dei Macht?“ [Timeline “How did need and anger of the population bring the NSDAP to power?” – German]

Go to Bericht „Heute forschen. Wie findet man Spuren der dunklen Vergangenheit?“ [Report “Researching today. How to find traces of the dark past?” – German]

The website “Sharing Heritage” presents under the heading Europa: Erinnern und Aufbruch” [“Europe: Remembering and Departure” – German] the Franco-German cooperation of the memorials in the former concentration camp complex Natzweiler-Struthof and presents the projects for the European Heritage Label.